WE ARE BlackRock IT

At BlackRock IT, we understand the importance that technology plays in the lives of small and medium-sized business owners. No matter your industry, the size of your business or your location, we are the managed service provider (MSP) that you can trust while growing your business.

Based in New York, we provide premium IT services nationwide. Our solutions are instrumental in helping our clients increase the safety, security, productivity, and profitably of their business. Whether it’s driving change through next-generation modernization, deploying cloud environments, delivering trusted cybersecurity architectures, or rapidly developing new and legacy applications—our full life cycle solutions deliver measurable results and successful outcomes.


Our Mission

At BlackRock IT, we strive to identify and implement the cutting-edge technology and IT best practices that will seamlessly grow and scale your business. From the moment you begin working with us, you can be confident that our IT specialist will always deliver the support and service that gives your business a competitive advantage.

There is no client too big or too small to take advantage of our IT knowledge, impeccable service and ability to pinpoint then implement the right technology for your needs.

Simply put, our mission is to let you focus on your business operations while handling all necessary elements of your information technology.

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Supported Industries

  • Small & Medium-sized Business (SMB)
  • B2B & B2C
  • Startups
  • Local, State, Federal Governments
  • Higher Education & K through 12
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Non-Profit